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"As a coach, Mai Lam Nguyen-Conan has been instrumental in nurturing and developing our talents, unlocking our full potential from within. With her guidance, my teams have experienced remarkable growth, both personally and professionally. Her expertise and support have been invaluable in helping us reach new heights and achieve our goals."
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Indicators that suggest you could benefit from coaching 

Seek coaching to elevate your performance or career to new heights. Don't wait for recognition - make it happen. 

Alternatively, pursue personal growth and peak performance. If you're stuck facing recurring obstacles, feeling stagnant in skill development, or struggling to achieve goals despite hard work, coaching can be transformative. 

As your coach, I offer fresh perspectives, precise guidance, valuable insights, and tailored strategies to unlock your potential and propel you towards success.

Coaching revolves around a solution-driven approach, one that often originates from your own undiscovered and underutilized resources. We are here to assist you in unlocking it.

Mai Lam Nguyen-Conan : who I am as a coach?

Before embarking on a coaching journey with me, individuals often ask, "What tools do you use?" My answer, while surprising, lies in the fundamental principles of coaching. I believe that my most powerful tool is myself. This isn't to boast but to emphasize the knowledge gained through experience, formal training, and personal growth.

Specifically, I hold certifications in NLP systemic coaching, Cognitive and Behavioral therapy, and Narrative coaching. My coaching background spans from working with large teams to individuals. Every two years, I refine my skills and pursue top-tier certifications.

Through therapy, collaboration, and a dedication to learning, my coaching path has been one of growth and self-acceptance. By valuing both myself and my clients, I guide them in honing their abilities, discovering their purpose, and unlocking their full potential.

As a coach, I have transformed into a more refined version of myself, equipped with effective tools to assist clients in achieving personalized and impactful goals.

7 Key fundamentals of coaching with me 

Allow me to guide you through an extraordinary journey of leadership coaching, where you will discover firsthand the incredible growth and development that awaits you.

1. A Personalized Approach

Your leadership coaching journey with me is a highly personalized experience. I understand that you have unique strengths, areas for improvement and goals, and I will work with you to design a development plan tailored to those areas. This personalized approach helps you gain more self awareness, and we then work collaboratively to find effective solutions for you. One coaching session doesn't follow a one size fits all approach, but instead I recognize and adapt the best suitable tool and frameworks for you.

2. Undivided Attention

One of the key benefits of coaching is the undivided attention that I dedicate to you, my clients. During coaching sessions, you are the central part of our focus, and will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and receive feedback in a non-judgmental environment. As a coach, I provide you an opportunity to clarify goals and objectives, and to identify resources and barriers to success. You will also be able to develop and test strategies to reach your goals more efficiently.

3. Accountability

Engaging in coaching with me involves mutual accountability, I strongly encourage my clients to take ownership of their development. I am committed to providing regular feedback and check-ins to help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable for your progress. I believe that this mutual accountability motivates you to focus on your development and take action to achieve your goals. Through coaching, you will develop a growth mindset and embrace new challenges and opportunities.

4. Confidentiality

I operate under a strict code of ethics and maintain the confidentiality of my clients at all times. This is crucial in creating a safe space for open and honest communication, which is essential for effective coaching. With confidentiality assured, you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of judgment or repercussions. This allows us to dive deep into your coaching goals and explore them fully without any reservations. Confidentiality also extends to all materials shared during coaching sessions, ensuring your privacy is always respected.

5. Support and Guidance

As a coach, I am committed to providing you with the necessary support and guidance on your personal and professional journey. I will help you identify your strengths, values and beliefs, as well as any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be holding you back. By uncovering these aspects of yourself, we can work together to create a plan tailored specifically to your needs and goals. I will also challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, while providing ongoing support and encouragement throughout the process.

6. Continuous Growth

Coaching is not just about reaching specific goals, but also about continuous growth and development. Through coaching, you will learn valuable skills and strategies that you can apply to various aspects of your life. You will also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to navigate challenges and opportunities effectively. With this newfound knowledge and confidence, you can continue to grow and evolve long after our coaching sessions have ended.

7. Effective Communication

Effective communication is a critical aspect of strong leadership. Through the coaching sessions, I can help you develop effective communication skills, including active listening, clear and concise messaging, and adapting communication styles to different audiences. By enhancing your communication skills, you can create stronger relationships with your teams, peers and stakeholders, leading to improved collaboration and better business outcomes.


Professional effectiveness and on-the-job performance coaching for individuals
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Sharpening individual skills and harnessing collective talents for shared success 
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Comprehensive coaching for organizational transformation, with multi-level strategies and inputs.
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Executive Coaching

Coaching for skills
Coaching for development
Coaching for performance
Coaching following agenda

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a personalized and one-on-one relationship that aims to enhance the professional effectiveness and on-the-job performance of executives. Through valuable feedback from multiple sources, executives collaborate with me to devise strategies, explore alternatives, and identify solutions for specific challenges. 
Elevate your executive performance with customized coaching that caters to your unique needs. Experience the benefits of comprehensive coaching tailored to unlock your full potential.

Cases of Executive Coaching :

• Assisting executives seeking to develop new skills for a fresh role, such as communication and public speaking.
• Coaching managers for career progression.
• Coaching high-performing executives to improve relationships with peers, staff, and clients affected by their personality style.
• Guiding executives in shaping their career path and prospects.
• Providing coaching following comprehensive 360-degree performance evaluations.
• Enhancing executive capacity in organizational management, including planning, organizing, controlling, visioning, and developing others.
• Developing executives' self-awareness, identifying blind spots, defenses, limiting thoughts, and emotional effectiveness.
• Coaching global executives to adapt and thrive in multicultural contexts.
• Enhancing executives' work-life balance.
• Improving executive leadership, management, and team building.
• Coaching executives to work effectively within evolving organizational structures.
• Supporting leaders in coaching others during transitions.
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Executive Coaching

10 sessions of 90 minutes each,
plus 1 Profile assessment.

Every 1 to 3 weeks virtually, based on your needs.

As part of our coaching process, we offer a comprehensive 360° feedback assessment using either the MBTI or DISC assessment tool of your choice. This assessment will provide valuable insights for your coaching journey, with unlimited respondents.

To track progress and determine next steps, we will conduct a follow-up assessment at the end of our coaching relationship.

Additionally, you will complete a pre-coaching questionnaire. This questionnaire focuses on your goals and helps the coach gain a more in-depth understanding of your needs.

We work with Zoom or Google Meet, but can accommodate any other video conferencing service

Package (10 sessions of 1.30h + 2 profiles) : 4 200 €
Per 1.30h session : 420€
Assessment profile : 250€

Feedback from client

It was intense, challenging, and tough at times, but also enlightening and rewarding. I had the privilege of being Mai's coachee for about a year when I started my first C-level position. She really helped me tap into my best self and leverage my resources and skills to navigate the new job and environment. I not only gained a strong sense of self-confidence from the journey with Mai, but also transformed as a leader, allowing me to better handle the complexities of my organization and the pressures associated with the job. It's incredible how quickly Mai helped me change. She helped me view the pressure to succeed from a different perspective and turned it into an opportunity to become a better version of myself.
Linda T. VP Sales
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Team Coaching

Coaching for skills
Coaching for development
Coaching for performance
Coaching following agenda

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a collaborative process where a team coach works with the entire team, both collectively and individually. The goal is to enhance the team's overall performance, foster effective collaboration, and develop their leadership skills to better engage with other teams and stakeholders. 

Unlike team-building, which focuses on early-stage development or recovery from challenging periods, team coaching supports ongoing team development and improves team dynamics for optimal performance. 

Boost your team's potential with professional team coaching that drives success and strengthens collaboration.

Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic team coaching drives powerful change at individual, team and organisational levels. As a certified systemic team coach, I help teams through six lenses, generating value at the connections :

Cases of Team Coaching :

• Assisting a new leader to enhance their impact on business performance during a period of job security uncertainty
• Guiding a team affected by unethical management behavior, helping them transition to a more productive and fulfilling work culture
• Empowering the team to strengthen their vision and elevate their performance
• Facilitating the development of an autonomous, engaged, and high-performing team following an acquisition
• Rebuilding a long-time dysfunctional team characterized by lack of trust, poor communication, and frustrations
• Supporting a team's journey towards adopting more agile ways of working

“...a high performing team: effectively meets and communicates in a way that raises morale and alignment, engages with all the team’s key stakeholder groups in a way that grows performance and provides constant learning and development for all its members and the collective team.”
(Peter Hawkins, 2011)
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Organization Coaching

Coaching for skills
Coaching for development
Coaching for performance
Coaching following agenda

Organization Coaching

Organizational coaching drives systemic change within a company. Unlike other coaching approaches, it focuses on the teams that form the organization, supporting their evolution aligned with corporate goals and objectives. Organizational coaching engagements can be extensive and intricate, involving executive leadership and numerous teams.

By providing structure to company members, organizational coaching facilitates the identification and achievement of corporate goals. These development programs address various areas such as crisis management, profitability attainment, and diversity and inclusion.

To accomplish these ambitious objectives, a team of professional coaches with extensive experience, expertise, and industry knowledge is crucial. Logistically, assembling an internal coaching team often involves collaborating with specialized firms in this domain.

I can assist you in connecting with a network of specialized organizational coaches to support your organizational projects. I can also provide assistance and expertise in change or transformation initiatives, ensuring a focus on the human aspect. 

Partner with me to enhance your projects and drive impactful outcomes.

Cases of Organization Coaching :

- Aligning the leadership team to support the transformation of a retail banking department by implementing new client service software.
- Assisting the organization in navigating through the challenges of the COVID era and remote management.
- Onboarding 1,500 individuals to a new, global digital organization within a tight timeframe for a leading Global Consumer Goods company.
- Facilitating the integration of multiple organizations into a new merged entity, leveraging their unique strengths and creating conditions for leadership success.
- Supporting the integrated development of two high-revenue contributing teams for the overall organization.
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The core of coaching

Every system, organization, and individual has the potential to develop their optimal solutions, making them experts in their respective fields. Unlock the power of creative problem-solving with the best strategies tailored to your needs.


>20 years experience, Executive, teams and organization coach
#People and business growth enabler
With over 20 years of extensive experience in international management roles, including Marketing and Business Development, Mai possesses a wealth of knowledge in leading businesses and teams worldwide. She is now dedicated to supporting companies in their leadership and culture transformation initiatives, with a strong focus on developing people growth programs at all levels of leadership, from entry management to executive teams and members. Trust Mai to drive your organization's success through effective leadership and impactful cultural change.
#HEC (Paris) and AOEC (London) certified team and organization coach
Mai, as a consultant, trainer, and coach, has developed a distinctive approach over the years. With a focus on achieving sustainable results, she equips leaders and their teams with the necessary tools to become successful and mindful leaders. Mai's expertise is backed by the highest standards of certification programs, including her recent certification as a Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Practitioner in 2021. 
#Professional accreditations 

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